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Working In Partnership

At Genesis we truly believe that genuine partnerships achieve great results. Working closely with our candidates and clients, we ensure that each see us as a partner they can trust and rely upon to deliver for them.

Our reputation is built on providing an excellent and personal service through our team of experts working across a range of sectors including marine, oil & gas, commercial and industrial – as well as fulfilling the recruitment requirements in office based and executive roles.

We never stand still, so since inception we continue to grow, adapt and add value in all aspects of our business. To Genesis, working in partnership with you is an ongoing, developing process – driven by us.

In order to succeed, I believe that investing in people is of the utmost importance. We want the best people working for us and we also want to place the best candidates for the benefit of them and their employer. Within my own business and beyond – staff, clients and communities should all be part of one team and if we collaborate and support each other we will achieve great things!
– Wendy Marr, Managing Director